The Miracles of Jesus

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Calming the Storm

Up to this point in Matthew 8, Jesus has just healed many people and talked about the cost of following Him. In verse 23, we read that Jesus got into a boat with his disciples and started out across the lake. Very abruptly, a storm rose up creating waves so big that they rocked the boat. 

Sudden storms like this were common on the Sea of Galilee, so it’s surprising that the disciples were frightened because most were experienced fishermen. Yet, while they were in a panic, Jesus was not. In the midst of the turmoil that was all around them, He was asleep. So, the disciples went down to wake Him up, begging Him to save them because they feared death. And the way Jesus responded to them leads us to believe that He was surprised they were acting this way. Here’s what Matthew 8:26 NLT says:

Jesus responded, “Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!” Then he got up and rebuked the wind and waves, and suddenly there was a great calm.

The disciples were utterly amazed at this. They could not believe what they’d just witnessed. The man they pledged to follow had just rebuked the wind and the waves in one instance. 

Today’s Takeaway: Jesus Is With Us

We’re flooded by our own storms everyday. Some are on a larger level—like pandemics and wars—while others are more personal and affect our careers, health, and relationships. It’s natural for us to want the storm removed from us. But, sometimes, that doesn't happen. Sometimes, we have to trust God to calm us right in the middle of the storm that’s raging all around. 

It’s easy to say this, but harder to live out: We truly have no need to fear, because Jesus is always with us. It’s been said that when we have fear, we’re actually walking in faith but just in the wrong direction. And it takes an effort for us to actively engage our faith in the right direction. The great news for us is that we only need a small amount of faith to engage God’s mighty power. 

We face many different things in our lives that make us feel fear. But, even when we don’t sense His presence, He’s still with us. Even when we don’t see His hand, He’s still guiding us. Even when we don’t understand His plan, He still has one. Let’s rest in the truth that Jesus is always with us.