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Through the ChaosSample

Through the Chaos

DAY 1 OF 10

I think it is safe to say that when life gets chaotic we can potentially find ourselves with doubts, confusion and even anxiety.

When life began to get difficult earlier this year I have to admit that I was definitely shaken. 

As I was asking the Lord to speak to me during this season I kept thinking about the story of Jesus and His disciples in the middle of a raging storm. 

The disciples were panicking and Jesus was peacefully asleep in the back of the boat. His disciples called out to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” 

THAT is when Jesus jumped into action. His power was activated when they called out to him. He was asleep but then when He heard them call on His name He IMMEDIATELY sat up and calmed the wind and the waves. He was called upon by His people! They didn’t say, “I have faith-do a miracle!” They questioned Him! They came to Him with their worry and He responded with a miracle!

“Peace! Be still!”

The Bible says that when He spoke there was a “Great Calm”. 

Jesus gets up and says “ Why are you so afraid?! Have you still no faith?” 

At this point Jesus was well into His ministry and He had already done many miracles. They saw a paralytic walk, the blind had seen and yet they still questioned Him. 

Why are our hearts so afraid when we know the One who has authority over the elements? 

Let me challenge you:

What if we are the wind and the waves? 

What if God is telling His people “Peace! Be Still!” 

What if a great calm came over HIs people during this chaos? 

What if we draw upon His strength and trust that He has got this? 

It doesn’t mean suffering will end. I wish I could say He was going to snap his fingers and take this cup from you. 

However, we need to focus on His abilities and His sovereignty when we are walking through our darkest valleys. 

We need to call upon Him and activate that power just like the disciples did when they woke Jesus up during the storm. 

God is going to use this season for His glory. There is nothing on this earth that will be left undone. He is going to wipe every tear and calm every anxious heart. 

Rest in that truth today, my friend! 


Jesus, help me fully trust in your abilities today. Help me trust that you know best and that you will help me gracefully walk through this chaotic season. Show me how I can walk in your peace. Allow me to feel your supernatural presence so I can stand firm when the storm around me rages. Thank you for your faithfulness and for each promise written in your Word. Each one gives me strength to get through this difficult time. In your precious name, Amen. 

Day 2

About this Plan

Through the Chaos

Life can bring about chaotic seasons which cause us to fall into fear, doubt and feelings of unrest. Through the Chaos is a ten day study of God's word which will provide encouragement through such seasons and point you ...


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