Jesus Knows How You Feel

Jesus Knows How You Feel

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Jesus Knows What It Feels Like to Be TIRED

What’s the most tired you’ve ever been? Maybe you stayed up all night with friends and then couldn’t wait to crawl into bed when you got home. Or maybe you were tired after a tough workout with your team or studying hours and hours for a test. Maybe you’ve been exhausted from worrying about your family or friends or school.

We all know what it feels like to be tired. Would it surprise you to know that Jesus does too?

But Jesus is God. How can God get tired? I mean, He’s God. Doesn’t that mean that Jesus has some kind of I-don’t-ever-need-to-sleep superpower?

Yes. And no.

Jesus is 100 percent God, but He is also 100 percent human.

He was constantly traveling and teaching and healing, and on this day, He climbed into a boat with His friends. Once onboard, Jesus fell asleep. 

Suddenly, they were in the middle of a storm, and Jesus’ friends (experienced fishermen who had likely sailed through many storms) were worried that they might drown.

While the storm raged all around them, Jesus slept. He must have been really tired to sleep through a storm like that. Simple proof that Jesus was human. Scientists know that as humans, we need sleep to live. Jesus’ body and mind were exhausted. He needed that nap.

Remember, He was God, so he could have “turned off” that tired feeling, but He wanted to relate to us so he chose to feel the same things that we do.

His friends finally had to wake Him up. “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!” they shouted, probably shaking his shoulders to get his attention.

Once He was awake, Jesus showed that He was also God. He said a few words, and the storm disappeared. None of His friends on the boat could do that.

But before He calmed the storm, he slept.

So the next time you’re feeling worn out and exhausted, remember that Jesus knows what it feels like. 


Why does it matter to you that Jesus got tired?


What could you say to God the next time you feel tired?


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Jesus Knows How You Feel

Do you ever feel misunderstood or alone when you're going through a hard time? Good news: Jesus understands how you feel because He experienced a full range of emotions during His earthly life. You can go to him with wha...

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