Dear Child...


You're welcome.

Dear child,

It fills me with joy to hear about your day, I'm happy you took the time to tell me about it. You know what? When I hear that you thank me for the simplest things, I feel so proud of you. You have learned to count your blessings, and although I still have a lot to give you, you don't focus on that. You thank me for your friends— you deserve them. You thank me for your job—you have it well earned. You thank me for the food—I am in charge that you don't lack anything. You thank me for your health—continue taking care of It. You thank me for your partner—keep growing together. You thank me for helping you—I will always be there for you. And even if you are missing any of these things, you keep thanking me for keeping you alive, because you have a great purpose on this earth. You're welcome, son. Doing all these things is a pleasure for me. Thank you for talking to me, I love you.

Sincerely, your Father.