Is Jesus Something More?

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Jesus Reigns 

The ascension of Jesus marks the start of his heavenly reign as the exalted King who triumphed over Satan, sin, and death. He poured out his Spirit on the church then sat down at the right hand of the Father to rule over the universe until he returns to judge all.

Why is Jesus’ ascension so significant?

Jesus ascended and was welcomed into the Father’s presence sitting down at his right hand—a dramatic sign his redemptive work was accepted and complete. He then received a new honor and authority unique to his identity as the glorified God-man.

He became enthroned as the exalted King vested with divine authority to reign as Lord. He now rules over kings and kingdoms, over creation and chaos, over demons and darkness. No sphere of life exists where Christ is not Lord of all and Lord over all.

Jesus also sent the Holy Spirit upon the church. It’s a supernatural community characterized by worship and witness to the exalted King. It’s on mission with Jesus to make disciples of all nations until he returns to judge the world. Only through the Spirit’s enabling is the church empowered to fulfill this Great Commission.

The implications of Jesus’ ascension and exaltation for believers:

  1. You rest in his work—The Father has accepted the Son’s work for you. To try and work your way into God’s good graces is to forget that you’ve already been welcomed into his presence through your union with the One who sits shamelessly at his right hand.
  2. You submit to his reign—Your entire life (your story, identity, relationships, sexual orientation, finances, goals, vacations, work, etc.) must be ordered around your confession that Jesus is Lord. Consistently check in: Is Jesus Lord over this relationship? Is Jesus Lord over this desire? Is Jesus Lord over this spending?
  3. You witness to his message—Jesus invites us on mission to make disciples of all nations. He poured out his Spirit to empower you to worship him and witness to his work with great courage. Step out in faith to share the gospel boldly with others trusting that the indwelling Spirit will give you the anointed words and works at the right moment.


  1. In what ways have you underestimated the significance of Jesus’ ascension/exaltation?
  2. What’s keeping you from resting in Christ’s work, submitting to his reign, and witnessing to his message?