Is Jesus Something More?

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Jesus Rises 

The resurrection of Jesus vindicates him against claims that he was a fraud. It confirms his identity as God’s Son, authenticates his message, and establishes him as the Christ. Those united to Jesus are raised spiritually in this age and will be raised physically in the next.

Why does Jesus’ resurrection matter?

If Jesus wasn’t resurrected, he’s just another good (but dead!) leader who offers us no eternal benefit. Apart from the resurrection there’s no salvation, no hope for eternal life, no future new creation, and no grounds for Christianity. If Jesus wasn’t raised we might as well give ourselves to worldly pursuits and passions because this life is all we have—eat, drink, and play for tomorrow we die.

But…if Jesus did walk out of that grave then everything changes. A new day has dawned. God’s plan of redemption has invaded the present—the Son has made full payment for the penalty of sin; new birth has been made available to all who believe; life has defeated death in Jesus’ resurrection; and the world has begun it’s re-creation through the risen Lord. The resurrection means Jesus reigns, offering life to those who seek him and promising eternal judgment to those who reject him.

Those united to Christ are a resurrection people:

  1. At conversion, you are spiritually raised from the dead and seated with Christ in the heavenly places—Your old man has passed away with all of its sin and shame and your new life starts. You don’t have to live for earthly things anymore; you died to worldly pursuits and passions when you died with Christ. You now have resurrection power to live wholly for Jesus by setting your heart and mind on the things above, where he is!
  2. At Christ’s second coming, you will be physically raised from the dead to receive your glorified body—If you’re in Christ, upon his return, you will experience full redemption. You will reign forever in a glorified body on a re-created earth. You will walk in unbroken fellowship with God as a whole person. You will never again experience sickness, pain, loss, or mental and physical deterioration. You will be a glorified child of God, enjoying him and his world forever.


  1. Practically, what would it look like to set your heart/mind on things above?
  2. How does the final resurrection give you hope in your brokenness?