SE Students - No Matter What - Part 3

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No matter what happens in life, all of us will experience the tough moment of saying goodbye to someone we care about.  Sometimes we have to say goodbye because a good friend is moving away from home. Other times we say goodbye because of school change or family situations. Even now, 2020 gave us temporary goodbyes to in-person gatherings at school and churches.  

Then there are the even tougher goodbyes—to those we love that leave this life too soon.

In all those situations, we usually hope for a reunion—a moment when we are brought back together either here or in Heaven.

This week we are going to read the words of Jesus to His disciples before they had to say their goodbyes before His crucifixion. These words give us a picture of the promised reunion to come for them.

There is a reunion coming for those who follow Jesus, and that is what we must put our hope in, no matter what comes through life's door.