SE Students - No Matter What - Part 2

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Should I stay or should I go? Have you ever heard that song? It’s a song by a band named The Clash that came out in the ‘80s. The song is all about a guy trying to figure out which option would be better: should he stay where he’s at, or should he go? 

In John 16:7, we read a situation that sounds very similar. Jesus had just told His disciples that it would be best if He went away, because then the Holy Spirit would come to them. But the disciples obviously didn't want Jesus to leave. Try putting yourself in their shoes for a moment. Imagine leaving everything behind for Jesus, following Him for three years, and believing He was the Son of God. If He told you that it was better for you if He left, how would you feel? Confused. Concerned. Lost. Jesus knew that His disciples would feel those things. But He still told them that it would be better for Him to leave. Why? Because then the Holy Spirit would come to them. The disciples would go from having God the Son walking BESIDE them to having God the Spirit INSIDE of them. 

And Jesus promised you the same thing. As a Christian, you have God living inside of you. Today, how can you thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit?