Even If He Doesn't

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I Will Still Bless You

We all face difficult times throughout our lives, and the Bible is full of stories that show different characters going through trials at different times. We cannot avoid difficulties, but it is up to us how we respond to them. 

God's Word reminds us again and again that He is faithful and stands by us. Even when we feel alone in the midst of trials, Psalm 9 says that the Lord "never abandons those who seek Him". 

One night, while cooking, my daughter made me listen to a song of worship that provoked something powerful in me. I want to share some of its verses with you:

I will still bless you 

in the middle of the storm,

in the middle of my trials.

I will still bless you 

in the middle of the road, 

when I don't know which way to go. 

I have a reason to bless you. 

I have a reason to bless you.

(Promises, Maverick City Music)

Now, every time I hear this song, time after time, I feel that the Lord is asking me these questions:

Will you still love me if I don't do what you ask?

Will you still serve me even if I don't do what you want?

Will you still love me, even if you don't know which way to go?

Will you still trust me, even if things look a little shaky around you?

Will you still bless me even if I don't...? 

A very clear example of someone who continued to bless God in the midst of the storm is King David. In Psalm 86, we can see how he cried out to God for help, how he expressed that he was distressed and in need. Even in his worst condition, he put his trust in God and declared, "All the nations you have created will come, Lord, and before you they will bow down and glorify your name. For you are great and you work wonders; you alone are God."

I believe God wants to ask you the following question today: Will you still serve, love, and bless Me, even if you have not received your miracle?