Hearing God's Voice


Think back to when you were a kid. What was your favorite game to play?

One of the all-time classics is hide-and-seek. You know the goal: don’t get found. 

You probably had your secret spot where no one would ever find you.

I think a lot of people believe God is like this. They think God is playing some game of cosmic hide-and-seek. He’s hiding from us and doesn’t really want to be bothered. He’s out there somewhere, but he isn’t really concerned with us. 

Maybe you’ve asked,  “God, can you hear me? Are you listening? Do you care? Are you even there?“

If you’ve ever felt or thought those things, I have news for you. 

God can hear you. He is listening. He does care.  

God isn’t hiding from you. He wants to be found. He wants you to come to him. And he wants to speak to you. 

The God of the universe loves you and wants a relationship with you.