Finishing Well Part 2 = Winners’ Ways

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 Winners Develop and Maintain Eternal Perspective

Scripture - I Peter 2:11 - II Corinthians 6:14b - Luke 4-1-13

The eternal perspective says that our lives on Earth are short and that we’re eternal beings living a temporary life in the flesh as Christ’s ambassadors, but that heaven is our home. Unless we embrace God’s perspective of life—the eternal perspective—we’ll be often distracted and confused, and will stumble during our race and may get knocked off the track altogether. 

We can never hear often enough that this world is not our home; (I Peter 2:11) its values aren’t our values. We need constant reminders of who we really are in Christ—eternal beings here for a season to do eternally important things. A worldly perspective dooms us to failure in running the race set before us, since the world views our race as naïve and foolish. 

If these statements are making you uncomfortable, be careful! You’re in danger of tripping and stumbling. Don’t be deceived! There’s no fellowship between light and darkness. (II Corinthians 6:14b) Seeking compromise between the eternal and worldly perspectives of life brings serious consequences! 

One of Satan’s favorite tactics is to deceive us into thinking that we can get away with what has derailed so many others. When we play with fire, we do so at the danger of eternal loss and a weakened witness. Our fight to hold the eternal perspective is not a once-won battle, it’s a lifelong war! It’s the same war that Jesus fought when He was tempted in every way we are, as the devil tempted Him in the desert, as He began the ministry He was born to do. (Luke 4:1-13)

Jesus lived on Earth with heaven in the front of His mind. That’s what the eternal perspective is. Martin Luther said it this way: “I live every day for The Day.” 

That’s the Eternal Perspective. Can we do that? Of course we can. Our question is not can we, but will we? What do you think?