Making Right Choices, Discerning God's Will


 How do I discern what God’s will is for me, so that I make choices and decisions that align with His perspective, rather than trusting in my human understanding, resulting in decisions that are less than His best for me? 

When making a decision, I must first honestly determine if I REALLY want to know God’s will, or would I rather make the decisions, and then ask Him to bless / approve my plans? 

Have you ever experienced a rock or obstacle on life’s road, and asked God to remove the rock? Is this the right prayer? The problem may not be the “rock,” but that I am on the wrong road! I want the problem removed, but perhaps God has allowed that obstacle to show me that He wants me to take a different path, one of His choosing. 

As I trust God to reveal His plans to me, I should consider the UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES that are critical foundational steps leading me to discern His direction, and not just make a “T-Chart” of the pros and cons, or take a poll for advice from all my friends! 


We often model our behavior and choices after others, especially if their decision reflects what I REALLY want to do! But is that the best way to make decisions? 

Consider this example: A new believer wants to buy a car and decides to walk through the church parking lot to see what other believers own. He sees a range of cars from newer to older, more expensive ones to dilapidated ones, so he concludes that it’s okay to spend money on an expensive car, because older and more knowledgeable Christians, who know more of God’s Word and must be more spiritual, have made that choice. He reasons, “I can’t find a verse in the Bible that tells me otherwise, or indicates what kind of car to buy.” 

This process of modeling my choices after others is wrong. Instead, the first question I should ask is, “God, Do You WANT me to buy a new car, and is NOW the right time?” 

Before I became a Christian I was accustomed to making my own decisions. Now, as a believer, the Lord wants me to lean on Him. However, leaning on Him when making decisions may or may not line up with MY human understanding or the world’s wisdom. I will always experience this tension between what I may think is best versus trusting and following the Holy Spirit. 

God does use my understanding. He just doesn't want me to lean on it. God is not encouraging me not to think, but to think more like Him! 

I should be making decisions from principles in God’s Word rather than copying specific behavior from others. 


Have you seen the “WWJD” bracelet? “What Would Jesus Do?” Does God want me to DO what Jesus DID? Or does He want me to BE like Jesus? He was abiding with the Father 100% of the time. As Jesus was abiding, God led Him to do things that were probably contrary to His natural desires. The same will be true for me!

God wants me to BE like Jesus, not emulate His behavior. That means being available to hear His voice and abiding daily with Him. He wants me to be in fellowship with Him as I make daily decisions under His guidance. 

As I am abiding, He will lead me in ways that may be new and appear scary. As I trust God’s character – I will conclude that He really does have my best interest at heart, and I will REALLY like the life He has planned for me. 

As we continue our journey this week, we will explore discerning God’s will as a pyramid with five underlying principles to help me make right choices and discern God’s will, making sure the foundation of my decision-making is HIM and not me.

"God will always give the very best to those who leave the choice with Him"

PRAYER: Father, I pray today that I am open to letting You completely guide all my decisions and that I will be honest as I wait on You and lean on You and trust You.