Fight Back


God wants us to have praises in our mouth and His sword in our hands. Spiritual warfare doesn’t work if our mouth is full of complaining and admitting defeat. Our mouth speaks or reveals what is in our hearts. 

We were created to worship, and we are now called to engage in warfare. Warfare and worship go together. The high praises of God must be coming out of our mouth and our hands must securely hold onto the double-edged sword which is none other than the Word of our God. This sword of the Spirit is to bind and execute punishment on the enemy. We are used to only being delivered from bondage. Instead, God is now preparing a mighty generation to put the enemy in bondage, to put chains on the forces of darkness through the authority of Jesus’ name.

As Jesus said, “How can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house” (Matthew 12:28); the roles have been reversed. The enemy used to bind us; now we can bind him through the victory of almighty Jesus who is invincible.

This is more than just being freed from the enemy; this is being empowered to successfully fight the enemy. I love this part: “This honor have all his saints.”  Victory, dominion, and a fighting spirit are an honor. This honor to take dominion, to trample upon forces of darkness, to bind the enemy has been given to all his saints. This honor belongs to all of God’s children. Victory is not just for a few but for all.  Authority over the enemy belongs to all believers. 

You were called not just to receive deliverance but to walk in dominion.  Don’t just wait for God to cast out every enemy, but walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to actively resist whatever He has not yet removed.