Real Hope: The Psalms

Real Hope: The Psalms

DAY 4 OF 5

Psalm 46 - Still. Know.

Droughts, fires, floods, a global pandemic, and increasing tensions between global superpowers—David’s three-verse anthem to God’s power and presence continues to be an answer to our prayers today. 

Anthem verse one (verses 1–3): David is witnessing nature itself seemingly rebelling against God. Towering mountains topple into a seething ocean, the air is filled with the mists rising up from foaming seas, and the ground is growling and groaning beneath him. But David’s heart is at peace, as his spirit is safe in the unchanging peaceful presence of God.

Anthem verse two (verses 4–6): Now King David moves to the threat that man poses to people of God. The ancient world had more than its fair share of superpowers. Egypt, Persia, and Greece were all on Israel’s doorstep. Here, David paints a picture of God’s provision in the form of a river running through His city. Fresh cool water sustains God’s people, even under siege.  

Anthem verse three (verse 10): With the cacophony of nature in revolt, and threats of genocide from neighboring nations, David pens one of the most potent phrases in the Bible: "Be still, and know that I am God."  

Still. Know. 

Listen to the voice of our God. "He lifts His voice, the earth melts" (verse 6). "I will be exalted among the nations" (verse 10). Marauding nations with their own gods will declare Yahweh God as the God of all nations!

When all around us feels fickle and unstable, be still. God is and has always been God (verse 11), and He is ALWAYS with us. 

Written by Dwayne Jeffries


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Real Hope: The Psalms

The Psalms are passages that show us how to truly delight in the God we serve, love and worship, even in the midst of chaos and pain. In this plan we reflect on some of our favorite Psalms and are, once again, reminded o...

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