Real Hope: The Psalms

Real Hope: The Psalms

DAY 2 OF 5

Psalm 1 - Do You Need to Get Up?

Walk. Stand. Sit. The progression of this verse is of the active becoming still—or worse, stagnant. It starts with who they’re keeping in step with, and in their journey the fundamentals for a healthy life are laid out:

1) Be mindful who you walk with. Who are you in step with? Who are the friends you’re aligning yourself with and doing the journey alongside? Are their steps taking you in a direction you want to go?

2) Be aware of lingering too long. Where you stand is where you stop to catch your breath. It’s where you pause to take in what’s around you, or give greater attention to something. Are you standing in the right place? Have you lingered too long? Do you need to get walking again?  

3) Be careful where you get comfortable. Where we sit is both where we relax and where we settle. It’s where we "make camp". It’s our most intimate relationships and our safe place. Are you letting your guard down in good company? Can they be trusted with matters of the heart? Do they encourage you in the things of God, or distract you from them?

Is it time you got up and started delighting in God?

Written by Laura Bennett


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Real Hope: The Psalms

The Psalms are passages that show us how to truly delight in the God we serve, love and worship, even in the midst of chaos and pain. In this plan we reflect on some of our favorite Psalms and are, once again, reminded o...

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