30 Day Challenge: A Walk Through Proverbs


Day One 

Read Proverbs 1 

In this first chapter, we read about the difference between the wise and the foolish—this is a reoccurring theme through the whole book. To start to be wise, the writer of Proverbs tells us we must fear the LORD. However, this fear isn’t the same feeling as when someone says they’re afraid of the dark. The Hebrew word means to have great awe of something. It’s a respect and reverence for the LORD that allows us to see things a little more like He does. When we worship Him, the Bible says all other wisdom falls into place. 

The other important message that we read in this first chapter is that wisdom is available for those who will seek it and who are willing to listen. In verse 23 we read that wisdom will make her words known to us. We will read more about this in tomorrow’s chapter.


What does this passage say about those who don’t listen to wisdom?

What do these verses say about those who follow people who don’t listen to wisdom?


How would you define wisdom in your own words?

An Extra Mile 

What questions do you have after reading chapter one? Take a moment to write them down. Part of wisdom is admitting we don’t know it all! There is much to learn from God’s word, and asking questions is a wonderful part of the journey. Who is someone in your life you can ask to seek out answers to your questions?