The Power of the Whatever!

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When You Obey Jesus' "Whatever" He Will Deliver the Answer

Hopelessness, despair, and depression set into our lives when we look at the impossible situations and realize we don't have the answer or a solution to the problem. But, the beauty of walking with God is that we don't have to know it all, we need not possess all the answers, and we don't need to be perfect for things to change.

From the two stories we have been exploring, we can see the answer to the problem is a solution by itself; the answer is in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the answer. When we invite him into our impossible situations, when we position ourselves and our hearts long enough to listen to his voice, then the whatever (his instructions) flow to us. The whatever (the instructions) is a by-product of time spent with the solution himself. 

The next step to the miraculous is the ability to obey whatever (the instructions). You see, it is one thing to listen to a sermon, read the Bible, take notes, or even memorize the word of God. Still, if that knowledge never translates into action, then the impossible situation will remain impossible. Remember, God's whatever (His instructions) initiates the miraculous, but your obedience activates the supernatural. God can only add His super to your natural when you obey whatever (His instructions) is. Obedience is a choice, but once you obey, God will hold up his end of the promise. 

Water into wine - John 2:9-11 (TPT)

As I think about the servants hearing the instructions from Jesus to fill the waterpots with water used for Jewish ritual washing, I am not sure I would have been able to follow that instruction without questions and visible negative facial expressions. But, when we are truly in the presence of Jesus, his voice brings a confident reassurance that suggests, "If you trust me with this, you will experience the supernatural, and see the miraculous manifested." It was in the simple obedience to whatever (the instructions) Jesus gave them that caused them to see the Master at work, keeping his word, meeting their needs above and beyond, providing superior quality and working a miracle only He could do.

A Supernatural catch of fish - Luke 5:5-11 (TPT)

As I ponder the instructions given to Peter and his response to Jesus, I felt I could identify with him more. Knowing he fished all night and caught nothing he refuted, but immediately bounced back to a position of obedience based on Jesus' whatever (instructions). How often do we quit listening to God because we experienced some setbacks or failures? But honestly, it is in the persevering to hear His voice we find the breakthrough we need. Peter obeyed the instructions even though he was tired and disappointed, and because of that action, Peter and his friends experienced a supernatural, boat sinking catch of fish. 

I don't know where you might be in your life right now, and I don't know what you need. But, I do know the answer you need is found in the presence of Jesus. I encourage you to grab hold of faith as you read these stories and make time to sit in his presence, quiet your heart, and let His voice surround you. Once you have gotten His word, obey, and know that the rest is up to Him! Are you ready for the power of the whatever to manifest in your life? Take the step to spend time with Jesus, and you also will experience the miraculous!