The Power of the Whatever!

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The Whatever Adds the Super to Your Natural

Position to Listen

Yesterday we delved into two familiar stories: water into wine and a supernatural catch of fish. In both scenarios, the circumstances seemed impossible, but Jesus was present, and he held the power to change the situation and turn it into a miraculous outcome. The people involved in these stories were close to Jesus; they were facing hard times and were definitely at the brink of becoming discouraged or feeling hopeless.  

Maybe today you also have a situation that seems impossible. Perhaps you also feel discouraged and hopeless, but the fact that you are reading this plan is proof you are also near Jesus. This is a moment where the super can be added to your natural! How is this possible, you may be wondering since the situation is beyond repair? Well, the key is positioning to listen to the whatever (the instructions) of Jesus. 

Often Jesus can be in our midst and we are so busy praying, crying, and begging Him to answer us that we miss hearing His voice. Quieting your heart and mind and focusing on the words He is speaking, be it through the written word (the Bible), a devotional plan like this, or even listening to a sermon are ways we get the whatever (the instructions) from God. 

Let us revisit the two stories and continue to dissect the pattern of the miraculous.

Water into wine - John 2:6-8 (TPT)

After Jesus' mother gives him His instructions, perhaps she moves on to socialize, leaving Jesus to fix the problem. He then speaks a few words that could make or break that wedding. When you walk with God over a long period, you realize His whatever (his instructions) never makes sense in the natural, even though He uses natural things to add His super to it.

I would have thought He would say something like, "I know a special store, and they open till the wee hours of the morning, so here is all the cash you need, now go and buy as much wine as you need.'  But this is human reasoning and not supernatural. Because they have positioned themselves, they hear the whatever (the instructions) that make no sense in the natural and are willing to obey. I am sure they may have had some doubts. Maybe they thought Jesus was out of His mind. I don't know, but I do know they had a choice to make in that desperate situation and needed a miracle.

A Supernatural catch of fish - Luke 5:4 (TPT)

In this story, Jesus asked to use Peter's boat to teach the people. While Peter might have thought he was just doing a favor for Jesus, he did not realize He was positioning himself to listen to the whatever (the instructions) of Jesus. Perhaps he thought to himself, “I have nothing better to do so I might as well sit here and listen to this teacher.” But, it is in the positioning to listen that Peter would hear something from Jesus that would make no natural sense but would change his life forever.

What about you? Are you at your wit‘s end? Have you tried everything and have come up short? Have you been praying and nothing seems to change? Do you feel like this situation will be the end of you? I want to encourage you today, just like the servants at the wedding and Peter at the shore washing his net, to take time to position yourself to listen. I assure you God will speak the whatever (His instructions) to your heart. Why don't you take a chance and quiet yourself before Him and ask him to speak to you today? He is the same God who gave instructions back then, and he is still giving the whatever (instructions) today.