5 Keys To a Glorious Prayer Life

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Day 1: Your Prayer Life Can Be Glorious

Do you want to build a powerful prayer life, but are not sure where or how to begin? If so, this Bible Plan will give you the keys you need to turn your prayer life into a supernatural flow of powerful God-encounters. 

Here's the backstory: 

When I first gave my life to Jesus, I could not pray. I had no appetite for prayer; no inspiration for it; and definitely no “supernatural flow” when I prayed. Even trying to pray was difficult, painstaking work—like slogging through molasses. 

However, I was desperate to know God better. I was so hungry for Him, and I wanted to be as close to Him as it is possible to be: 

  • I wanted to pour out my heart to Him and hear Him talk back to me. 

  • I wanted to be His friend and have Him tell me His secrets. 

  • I wanted the intimacy with the Lord that the Bible shows we can have—friendship with Him like Abraham, Moses, and John the Beloved had. 

  • I wanted to carry weight in Heaven. 

I knew prayer was a huge key to that kind of relationship. Therefore, in my desperation, I cried out to the Lord for help. 

The Lord heard my cry and began teaching me how to pray. 

Seemingly out of nowhere, I started encountering God in prayer. My heart toward prayer also changed; I felt an actual desire to pray rise up in my soul. And all of a sudden, each time I sat down alone with God, effusive prayer just poured out of my heart to Him. (I prayed silently, but God hears silent prayer.) 

I was shocked at this transformation, but I loved it! Suddenly, for the first time ever, my relationship with God felt like it actually worked. Prayer flowed—and I began drawing closer the Lord immediately. 

This newfound grace in prayer brought me into such an awareness of Jesus. I would sit at my table and put my head down on my hands to pray, and I would begin weeping because I felt the presence of God so strongly. Even though my prayer times only lasted a few minutes each at first, the Lord touched my heart and soul every time. 

Prayer is supposed to be like that—and YOU can have that kind of intimacy with God through prayer, starting today. 

When Moses came down from his encounter with God on Mount Sinai, his face shone with the glory of the Lord. His face was so bright that people asked him to wear a veil! But you know what? God is no respecter of persons. What He did for Moses (encountering Moses so powerfully that Moses’ face glowed)— and what He has done for me by discipling me personally into a life-sustaining habit of prayer—He will do for YOU too. 

In fact, the Lord is ready and willing to begin this work in you today. 

Are you ready? 

Over the next few days, we will discuss 5 short prayers that YOU can use to grow your prayer life. 

When you pray these 5 short prayers, you will be asking the Lord to personally disciple you in prayer. And as you pray in faith, the Lord will change your heart. 

The first step is to set your heart to pray.

Prayer is a discipline and a habit, not a gift. Therefore, if you want a glorious prayer life, you will have to decide to dedicate a special time each day to meeting alone with the Lord in prayer—and you’ll need keep your appointment with the Lord daily. 

If you will do that and pray the 5 prayers I share in this Bible Plan, I believe the Lord will transform your daily prayer time from a rigorous duty into a glorious encounter with Himself. 

Are you ready to begin? Let's go!