Jesus Culture - Let It Echo Devotional

"Alive In You" - Kim Walker Smith

One of the greatest lies the enemy would have us believe is that we are alone. When we get overwhelmed with the stress of life, when things don't turn out how we thought they should, or when it seems like everything that could go wrong, is. Those are the moments when that lie is the loudest. But the truth is that we are never alone. When I co-wrote the song "Alive in You," I wanted this truth to ring loud and clear. The main line of the chorus says, "Even in the fire, I'm alive in You.” The Son of God became flesh and endured the cross so that we could be forever reconciled to Him. But through this process, Jesus experienced what it was like to be human. He never sinned, but he felt the temptations we face and the weight of the sin we carry. He promised that through it all, He would never leave nor forsake us. When we feel like we are in the fire; in the toughest part of life, it is not meant to take us out. It is meant to refine us! Jesus is there with us and He will lead us out! We will come out the other side stronger then before. So when you find yourself in the really hard stuff; in the fire, don't believe the lie you are alone, abandoned, forgotten, or a failure. Jesus Christ, the hope of Glory, is alive inside of You! Don't be afraid! Keep walking, you are not alone.