Fighting for Unity in a Divided World


First Things First

We live in an increasingly divided world. There’s a line that’s been drawn in the sand. It seems like half of us are on one side, and half of us are on the other side. Except now that line has become more like a canyon. And the canyon keeps getting wider because every year we become more divided. It’s to the point where finding common ground seems almost impossible. And this breaks the heart of God. So, how should we respond to this division as disciples of Jesus?

First, we have to always remember to keep the main thing the main thing. What is the main thing? The Good News of Jesus. The Gospel. So, what is the Gospel and how does it affect how we think about the things which divide us, including even politics?

The Gospel is the Good News that through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God has become King—and His Kingdom is coming on Earth as it is in Heaven. Why is this Good News? Because our God is a much different and much better King than the rulers and leaders of our world. And because everyone is invited to be a part of His Kingdom.

You’re invited. They’re invited. Even the people who support that person you don’t like. 

And when we choose to believe the Good News of Jesus and pledge our allegiance to our heavenly King, it changes everything. The Gospel is not just a “get out of jail free” card. The Gospel is an invitation to be rescued from sin and restore creation.

Because Jesus has been Good News for us, we are called to become Good News for others.

Even in political conversations. Even with people we disagree with. Even with people we don’t particularly like.

When we remember to keep the main thing the main thing, it changes how we do everything. When we both believe and become Good News, we can’t help but be different.

Why? Because we know that no matter who sits in government leadership, our God is still King.

Pray: God, help me to keep the main thing the main thing. Remind me how good You are. Help me to follow the example of Jesus and become Good News for others in the same way that He has been Good News for me. Amen.