Endurance and Promises

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I will hold you up in victory

Do you ever wake and have to find the strength to get up each day? Is life around you chaotic and unpredictable? The needs of my family have been extremely challenging and have caused me to call out to God for his help.

Over the years, I have come to experience that God is a rock to stand on. His word is full of promises to help us. He assists by giving us thoughts that are good and helpful. He’ll give us creative ways to navigate relationships and practical help which may be miraculous or seem fairly natural. 

Scripture is a place to go to which will speak life to you. Isaiah 41:10 is an amazing encouragement and promise which I have found to be very true. He does help you, strengthen you and lift you when you fall. I encourage you to memorize some verses that have helped you, as you can come back to them again and again when you need a boost of encouragement.

God has allowed me to see how important gratitude is and how it helps to navigate life when it doesn’t go your way. Many of us will have experienced events in our lives which we have not chosen and we will need to find a way of enduring the process. See ‘life’ as a gift, something to receive, because gifts are not something we are entitled to. Hold things lightly as they never ‘belonged’ to you anyway. It’s easy to be grateful for a gift and it’s not so easy to be thankful for something we think we are entitled to.

We might not be in control, but I do believe that we have influence and if we use it wisely, God will enable us to accomplish things that humanly may seem impossible. He’s given me the strength I’ve needed; he’s replaced sadness with joy, anxiety with peace and fear with hope. Have an attitude of gratitude!

He is faithful!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for giving me life and for enabling me to fulfil the purposes you have for me. Thank you for your help when life is hard going. Please help me to keep looking to you and be thankful for all that I have. When I am sad, please give me joy, when I am anxious, please give me peace and when I feel fearful, please fill me with hope. Amen.