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What If Christianity Isn't What You Think?Sample

What If Christianity Isn't What You Think?

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Your Story Isn’t What You Think

In The Beginning…

Isn’t that fascinating? The first three words in the Bible imply something. It doesn’t start with a bunch of facts, it starts with a story. From the very beginning of time God has been telling a story in and through His creation. There’s a rhythm and a dance happening, that has been happening since He pressed play long ago.

So many times in our Christian walk we think it’s all about memorizing stuff. It’s all about filling our head with more facts, more rules, and more things. But in reality that’s a cheap and flimsy version of the true thing we are called to.

What we are truly called to is not to facts, but to a story. And if God is telling a story, that means we have a part to play. There’s a plot, there’s a climax, there’s characters, and there’s drama. That is what is happening since the beginning of time. And if God is telling that story, then we need to ask ourselves what our part is.

What if you really believed that today? What if you believed that you were a character in a huge and epic drama? See the great part about seeing the Bible, and our lives, as a story is everything seems to fit nicely into place. We aren’t the center of the story (that’s Jesus), but if there is a story happening then that also means we matter. How we live matters. How we love matters. Actors in the play can affect the play. What if we really believed that?

Are you living a good story with your life? If not, what needs to change?


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What If Christianity Isn't What You Think?

What if there is more to Jesus than you ever imagined? Christianity is about so much more than going to heaven when you die, and Jesus wants to meet us in the here and now, which means this life matters. Follow along on ...


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