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Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your WaySample

Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your Way

DAY 1 OF 8

Putting the Pieces Together 

Have you ever seen a mosaic? A mosaic is a picture or design made from small pieces of colored tile, glass, or other material set in mortar. Mosaics have been widely used in churches to decorate walls and ceilings. Personally, I am awed at how separate pieces of material can be put together to make one beautiful picture.

Discovering our life purpose is like carefully crafting a mosaic. We need to make sense of the pieces already within our reach, uncover some pieces not yet in our purview, and maybe add some more along the way. This process is exciting because the picture we will eventually arrive at will not just be beautiful but will also be instructive regarding our next steps in life—much like a map once you make sense of it. It is meant to honor the One who intended our lives to be masterpieces—or the Master’s pieces—as we fulfill the purpose He intended for our lives.

This is the objective of Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your Way: to help individuals discover their life purpose so that they can live in a way that gives them a sense of fulfillment and significance and brings glory to their Maker.

Just like the process itself of discovering our life purpose, the workshop on which this book was based was informed and inspired by ideas, procedures, and frameworks I have learned from other people and resources.

These include key ideas from Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing God’s Will by Henry Blackaby and Claude King, The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren, and procedures like those from Lead Like Jesus, co-founded by Ken Blanchard. 

All these have helped shape my sense of purpose. When you walk with a sense of purpose, you walk with a sure footing. You know what you’re doing, what you seek to accomplish, and the value of what you seek to achieve. You have a clear perspective in the face of setbacks and feel a sense of significance when you know your life is moving toward something of consequence.

I used to be a very dissatisfied person. I kept moving forward but never felt quite fulfilled. Any problem could bring me down. Discovering my life purpose gave me a reason for being and allowed me to anchor my perspective.

Now, any time I have a problem, I learn to see it from God’s point of view and ask, “What is God doing here? What’s the bigger picture? What’s the bigger perspective?” Then I’ll be able to face the problem in faith.

Now, I am not saying that I have arrived, nor that problems don’t get me down anymore. They do. But no matter what’s going on in my life—the good, the bad, and the ugly—I know my purpose in life and see the bigger plan. I have the assurance that God is doing something according to His sovereign purpose and that He is working out His plan.

Purpose-driven people have a larger perspective. They see the big picture. They look at every problem from that viewpoint. When you don’t see things from God’s bigger point of view, you get discouraged, frustrated, and unhappy.

We wrote this devotional to help guide you to discover your purpose, design your life around it, determine your destination, and eventually deliver on your promise to a watching world.

This book manual is only 50 percent written by us. The rest is to be written by you. You are our third co-author. As you do, may you discover what the personal mosaic of your life looks like, and may it be as God your Creator intended it and according to His good purposes. So, write down your own story, draft your own life purpose, and make it your roadmap so you’ll be guided on your journey.

Let’s begin!

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Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your Way

Project Purpose is created for you to discover God's calling. You can have the confidence and the daring to make something of...


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