Finding the Missing Peace

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DAY 1 - From the Inside Out

I remember one time after school when my dad came to pick me up, I jumped in the car and told him that I had won an award. He was excited for me and I was also excited to share this news with him. 

God, too, wants us to share our exciting news with Him. But He also wants us to tell Him when we are feeling anxious, afraid, discouraged, or sad.

In Psalm 139:23 we find David sharing his anxious thoughts with God. 

When we name our fears, we remove the power they hold over us.

The area of your life that you fear the most can reveal where you don't fully trust God. We can overcome our fears today by committing them to God.

Peace is something that comes from God, not from the things of this world.

Peace enables us to be a Peacemaker and bring peace to our neighbourhood where those around us can be experiencing pain and worry.

We receive peace when we spend time in the presence of God. He will fill the dark places and remove our discouragement.


(1) What is your first response when you feel anxious or afraid? 

(2) What areas of your life are you most worried about that you need to give to God? 


Lord, I commit to you all the areas that I feel worried about, and I put my trust in you today. In Jesus' Name. Amen.