Love God Greatly: Growing Through Prayer

SOAP – Acts 2:42
The first followers of Jesus Christ were characterized by their unity, their dedication to following Jesus’ teaching, their devotion to each other in service and fellowship, and their commitment to prayer. Those who are followers of Christ have been given the gift of prayer. Prayer allows believers to intimately communicate with the Almighty God. Prayer is the source of nourishment for a believer’s spiritual growth. Through prayer, believers align their lives, their service, and their ministry with God’s will for them. Through prayer, believers have a powerful weapon against spiritual attack. Through prayer, believers are privileged to get to know God Himself. What is your prayer life like? Do you view prayer as a privilege to grow in intimate connection with Almighty God? Do you begin and end each day in communication with the One who wakes you up and guides your day? If not, will you begin today? Father God, You have created all things for Your pleasure, desiring intimate and honest connection and communication with me each day. Lord, what an awesome and wonderful privilege it is to know You! Lord, remove any obstacles that prevent or distract me from praying to You daily. Lord, help me to diligently make my prayer life a priority. Lord, make prayer my first response to any circumstance and before taking any action. In Jesus’ name. Amen.