Growing As An Enneagram Nine: The Peacemaker

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How Your Love of Peace Reflects God 

Dear Peacemaker, do you know you uniquely reflect God? In the Bible, God says that He made us in His image. Now, this doesn’t mean our bodies look like His, but rather, that we reflect His image by reflecting parts of God’s character. It’s not a perfect reflection; in fact, it’s rippled and marred. However, a familiarity, a family resemblance, is still plainly evident between God and His creation.

God is so mighty, majestic, and perfect that none of us can reflect every part of Him, so we see His attributes scattered throughout the entire population. Each of us is reflecting Him in unique and very important ways. This is why we hear about each of us being a part of God’s “body” in 1 Corinthians 12:27, Romans 12:5, and Ephesians 5:30. Each of us is uniquely made for a divine purpose; each of us would be lost without the others.

As a Nine, you reflect God’s love of peace, His gentleness, His kindness, His empathy toward His people, His patience, and His understanding as you grow in sanctification. God made you uniquely, specifically, and purposefully. 

Your gentleness in conflict, your desire for strife to be resolved, the way you easily understand others, or your tendency toward patience may feel second nature to you as a Nine, especially as you are following the Lord. But these are all important ways you uniquely reflect the Lord to others.

The Lord invites you to put on your true nature as a Peacemaker because you are deeply loved and chosen by Him. This is not something you must conjure or force. This is the Lord working in and through you.

As you go about your day, invite the Lord to reveal the ways He’s created you to look like Him. If you have space, pull out a journal and think of things you’ve noticed about yourself or heard others say about your patience, understanding, gentleness, kindness, empathy, or peace. As the Lord helps you recognize these parts of who you are, thank Him for choosing you and calling you holy and beloved. Invite Him to continue to grow you as a Peacemaker who looks like Him.