[2020 Vision] Rest-olutions and Resolutions to Live by in 2020

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Humble, Courageous, and Teachable

Paul spoke about teaching. If we are going to teach, we must be teachable. So how do we do this? With an open mind, an open heart, a pen, and a plan. 

What if God speaks something to you? Write it down. Look over it later. Have a pen and have a plan, an action point. Put what you learn to use. Tell yourself, “I'm going to do something about this.” We need to remember the things God says. Have an open mind, an open heart, a pen, and a plan. This discipline takes spiritual growth to the next level. 

Students model this so well. They go to class every day. No one is in physics class leaning back, arms crossed, saying, “I got this.” Good students have their notebooks open, they listen and take notes, and they do their homework later to really learn and get things into their mind. 

In Daniel 1:8 we read that Daniel determined in his heart not to eat the king's food. It took a plan for him to declare that he was not going to do this. Daniel understood who God wanted him to be and entrusted himself to God. To grow spiritually, we need to imitate him. We are going to pray to humbly serve, to courageously share, and to be teachable. 

Father, we come in Jesus’ name, not in our own name. We ask that we might become humble servants. What would our marriages be like if we humbly served one another? What would our other relationships—with kids, with parents—be like if we humbly served one another? From that, give us the courage to share our faith. Let us see others come to Christ. And God, we want to be teachable, like Daniel was. Like Paul was. Like Jesus was. 

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