[2020 Vision] Rest-olutions and Resolutions to Live by in 2020

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Humility Starts in the Heart

Humility comes, and is shown best, when you show humility with a right heart. Humility is shown when we serve other people, when we listen to folks who have needs and cares, when our actions say, “I want to hear from you, not just speak about myself.” 

This week I've been trying to be a little bit more humble in serving my family. I tried to take out the trash and help with the dishes more. I didn’t want to do it, but I did it with the right heart. Humility starts in the heart. When the heart is right, the actions can follow.

At church, our team has been fasting. There are different kinds of fasting, but the point is to go without food so you can have more time for prayer. Fasting makes you aware of the cravings and addictions you have. I was in my office, fasting, and I received two boxes of Tiff’s Treats as a “Thank You” from a friend. I got not one cookie, not just one kind of cookie, but three levels of six cookies and more treats besides, all warm and fresh from the oven. And there I was, fasting. 

Humility is doing what you don’t want to do with the right heart. I sniffed the warm cookies and declared, “No. I want God to do something in my heart, not my stomach.” So I put the cookies in the refrigerator for later. But you know, I didn't realize how weak I was until I got those cookies. Fasting will show you your weakness.

Paul said, “I came to you in weakness and trembling.” He said, “I came to you, Ephesian elders, in humility.” Let's resolve to be people this year—this decade—who are humble servants. Resolve to be God’s humble servant at home, at church, at your office, everywhere you go.