Don't Quit in the Dip

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The Simplicity Of Prayer

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? What do you do when the dream inside of you is not matching the reality that’s in front of you? It’s going to sound cliché and elementary, but oftentimes we overcomplicate things. We’re willing to try the newest strategy, follow the latest teaching, hop on the trendiest spiritual bandwagon, but we roll our eyes at the basics. So, what do we do when the dream inside of us doesn’t match the reality in front of us? Pray.

So many people feel awkward praying. Most people, when asked to pray publicly, would rather die. They say, “I’m not good at praying.” What does that even mean? Can you talk? Great! That’s all prayer is: talking with God. Why are we so intimidated by prayer? I’ll tell you why. It’s performance anxiety. We get scared because either we are trying to impress people when we pray, or we attempt to sound like someone else when we pray. God is not impressed when we are trying to impress. But He is impressed with honesty, transparency and faith. Prayer is simply talking to God. If you are doing that, whether privately or publicly, you can never go wrong.

How’s your prayer life? What time could you set aside every day to talk with God?