Holy Water: A 12-Day Devotional by We The Kingdom


Don’t Tread On Me

Lift up your voice, for the war is not won on the battlefield, but in the mind. It’s merely a matter of perspective.

Ephesians 6:12 says we should not be misled, for we wage war not in the flesh, but in the spirit. Yet it’s so easy to put our energy toward the wrong things. 

I took a debate class in high school and learned a beautiful technique called misdirection. One of the best ways to win was to distract the opponent from the real subject at hand. If you could get them to spend all their time and words squabbling over petty matters, they had little time to tend to the real issue at hand. 

The enemy knows this trick well. Remember that argument you had with your brother, or the resentment you feel toward your spouse? Misdirection. Do you feel all the tension in this world: nation against nation, brother against brother? The enemy is so good at making us think that each other is the enemy. 

This is why I love worship! It’s the ultimate compass, the re-centering, the perspective giver! And guess what? It has another purpose. It’s like gasoline. Worship magnifies our true King and Lord and gives us ammunition. There’s a reason that both sports teams and warriors of old lift up a shout while going out onto the field. 

When we sing, our voices literally move the air around us. It turns thoughts and emotions to energy that affect our world around us. In Ephesians 2:2 the devil is referred to as the prince of the power of the air. When we lift up a worshipful war cry against him, it literally tears through his living quarters and he must run for cover! 

So be wise. Don’t put your energy toward shouting at that guy who just cut you off in traffic. Maybe next time take a swing at the real enemy and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised. Man, it feels pretty good to land a punch to the gut and knock the wind out of our real foe!