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Awake Our Souls

My wife and I were sitting with my oncologist who, 14 years prior, had given me an incurable cancer diagnosis with 5 years to live (FYI: God’s math is very different than ours). I asked her what it was like, as a fellow follower of Jesus, to spend all day with cancer patients that are facing life and death. I asked her what she sees and learns about people in sorrow. She said a line that totally changed the way that I see Jesus and interact with Him. She said, “A lot of people pray, and they pray hard, but not many surrender!” If I made this into a movie she would’ve dropped the mic and walked out of the room. Boom!

A lot of us pray and we pray hard but not many of us actually surrender. What have you been praying for lately? Take a second to think about it. Have you been praying really hard for these things or are you surrendering them over as if Jesus is the King of the Kingdom and knows what’s best for His Kingdom?

Seek First the Kingdom of God, or in other words, wholeheartedly pursue the Kingdom of God above our own and He will provide for your needs (Matthew 6)! Ok, so great story and great scripture Tim, but how do we do this in our real day to day life? How do we wholeheartedly pursue the Kingdom of God?

This cannot be a one time transactional event. It must become a decision made moment, by moment, by moment. The very idea of the Kingdom of God seemed so lofty and unattainable until one of my heroes put it like this: “Everywhere the King is King, there is the Kingdom.” The King is the one who ultimately says, “This is how this will go...!” How often do we find ourselves taking the role of King? Every time we worry or when we lose our cool or attempt to control the situation we immediately become the kings of our kingdoms or the queens of our queendoms.

This week we’ll be working through the practical practice of Seeking First/wholeheartedly the King so we might see and BE His Kingdom come! Pray this with me; Jesus awaken us so that the very language of our souls is SURRENDER. Today I will trust that You’re the King of the Kingdom and know what’s best for Your Kingdom!

What areas or things in your life do you need to practice surrendering today?

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