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As My Soul Thirsts

There are many seasons in our life where we can become tired, wearied, and in need of renewal. We need a strong Reboot in our life in order to keep going. Stress at work, in family, and unexpected circumstances can cause us to feel empty.  

We often attempt to find fulfillment in sources that do not satisfy our spirit. We begin to stress eat or drink, we workout harder thinking it will satisfy our body, we buy more stuff thinking it will fulfill the emptiness inside. These things are not necessarily bad, but they do not truly satisfy. Instead of rebooting ourselves with God's Word, prayer, and rest, we tend to fill ourselves up with things that won’t really satisfy us. Being emotionally drained, tired, and stressed often comes from our spirits being neglected and ignored. 

Think about how vehicles work. A car needs gas to go. If you neglect to put gas in your car, then the car will not be able to take you anywhere. If you have ever experienced a moment running out of gas only to find yourself stranded on the side of the road waiting for someone to come to your aid, you know that that is a difficult and frustrating experience. The only thing that will make your car run again is gas. Anything else is useless.

Jesus knew what we really needed. He understood that our spirits needed to be refreshed and rebooted with something more powerful, something lasting, something eternal. Jesus knew that we needed the Holy Spirit to fill us up and empower us to move forward. 

If you are running on empty, tired, weary, or longing for something to satisfy your heart, then look no farther than the Spirit that Jesus offers us. It is His Spirit that will strengthen and empower us to move forward. The offer Jesus gave over 2000 years ago still stands today. Rivers of living water are still flowing through His Spirit. All we have to do is believe and receive. Over the next few days we will journey together to find His rest and find satisfaction that only He can offer. 

Reflection Question:

What have I been turning toward to satisfy my soul?


Lord, I feel empty, weak, and tired

Help me say no to things that will not satisfy

I need what only you can give

Let your Spirit wash over me like streams of water

I’m setting you in your place of first priority