Hearing From God Each Morning

God Speaks in Many Ways

In the verse for today, God declares that He speaks, and when He does, He speaks in righteousness. We can always depend on what He says to be right. God speaks to us in many ways that include but are not limited to: His Word, nature, people, circumstances, peace, wisdom, supernatural intervention, dreams, visions, and what some call "the inner witness," which is best described as a "knowing" deep inside our hearts. He also speaks in what the Bible calls a "still, small voice," which I believe also refers to the inner witness.

God also speaks through the conscience, through our desires, and in an audible voice, but always remember that when He speaks, what He says is always right and it never disagrees with His written Word. We rarely hear God's audible voice, though it does happen. I have heard His audible voice three or four times over the course of my life. On two of these occasions, I was sleeping and His voice awakened me by simply calling my name. All I heard was "Joyce," but I knew God was speaking. He did not say what He wanted, but I knew instinctively that He was calling me to do something special for Him, although clarity did not come in that area for several years.

I want to encourage you to ask God to help you hear His voice in any way He chooses to speak to you. He loves you; He has good plans for your life; and He wants to talk to you about these things.

God's word for you today: God speaks in many ways; just remember - He will never contradict the Bible.

From the book Hearing from God Each Morning by Joyce Meyer. Copyright 2010 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.