4 Weeks Of Foundation By Planetboom



Welcome to day 1 of week 1! This week we're forming a foundation of how we see God from scripture - Who He is & what He's like. We gotta start from the start. This might seem basic, but it's incredible if you think about it deeply. One of the most important things we can know about God is that He is the Creator. It all started with Him. He gives meaning to everything because He created this world on purpose. Think about how incredible that is. Think about the fact that every single detail in creation was made by Him. Some astrologers suggest there might be 3 trillion stars in the known universe—God created every single one of them, and knows them by name. Scientists also estimate there's something like 37 trillion cells in your body—and God knows every one of them too. God is the creator of the universe; He is so incredibly big and powerful. And God is your Creator.  He designed you on purpose. The world is not an accident and you are not an accident because God doesn't make accidents. He is a master creator. Knowing and believing this about God gives meaning to everything in our world and brings purpose to our lives. Reading these scriptures today, think about and imagine how incredible God is as our Creator.