Austin Life Church: Read The Bible - Philippians


We are excited that you are choosing to read through and study the book of Philippians! Our hope for this reading plan is to help you be able to read and study the Bible on your own, asking some key questions that will help you understand, interpret, and apply the Bible.

We hope you enjoy God’s Word in the book of Philippians.


Before you start reading, ask God to teach you and to make you ready to hear from Him and understand His words. As you read, remember the context that the original author is writing. That helps shape the interpretation. Then use the below questions to help you really think on, understand, and apply God’s Word. Sometimes writing out thoughts, questions, and insights can be helpful.


What stands out to you, impacts you, or catches your attention? (General observations)

What does this teach us about God? About the Gospel? (Objective truth of who God is and the Gospel)

What does this teach us about us? (Objective truth of how this relates to humanity)


What is God telling you specifically from this passage? (Subjective application of the objective truth)


Rejoice - Based on today's passage, how can you praise God?

Repent - Is there anything you read today that is leading you to turn away from something in your life?

Request - What can you ask God for today? Pray for nonbelievers, pray for someone who is sick, personal needs, etc.