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Being stuck can mean a lot of different things. 

Right now, you may be feeling mentally stuck in your current job. 

You feel that you cannot resign, cannot find a better job, or perhaps just can’t find happiness in your current job.

Maybe you’re stuck with a problem that you can’t get through. You could be stuck in a relationship or friendship that you feel would be best to cut off, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

Perhaps your definition of stuck is something less mental and more physical. You’re stuck in traffic on the way home after a long day. You’re sitting on the interstate, staring at brake lights, hoping that you can get home to your family or to wherever you’re going. You’re stuck in your house.

To be stuck is to be trapped in something. To have dug your tires into the mud. Stomping on the gas, you’re unable to free yourself. Your tires spin but nothing happens.

Are you coming out of a season when life threw you some curve balls? Maybe your finances spiraled out of control or your marriage hit rock bottom. Maybe you lost your job or decided to leave your church. Maybe a close friendship faded and needs mending, or maybe you lost a loved one.

Do you feel stuck? Do you need a fresh start? Are you tired of spinning your tires? Are you ready to go home?

I think fresh starts begin when we ask God to guide our steps. It comes from the knowledge that through Christ, a fresh start is always available to us. You see, when we stumble and fall, God doesn’t notate that. He is a forgiving God who acknowledges our own setbacks, and encourages us to try again. Just as the father who nudges his child to put a band-aid on their skinned knee and get back on the bicycle, God picks us up when we fall.

If you need a fresh start, a fresh start is available. Yesterday doesn’t matter. Every day is a new day. God doesn’t keep a tally of our losses, only our wins.