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The Focused

Directing close attention towards a particular aim


The Top Ten - luxury watch brands

Time management for tech billionaires who want to stay focused:

10. Raymond Weil

09. Breitling 

08. Rolex 

07. Omega 

06. Jaeger-LeCoultre 

05. TAG Heuer 

04. Blancpain 

03. Audemard Piguet 

02. Vacheron Constantin 

01. Patek Phillipe 

But are they really better than a Lizzy Duke Casio digital? 

The Focused – what we’re talking about:

How focused are you? Is this a way you would define who you are? Focused on what? Task and job focused? 

This man once, is said to have ‘set his face like flint.’ What does that even mean? Well, we need some context to really understand this one. 

This man had been on the most remarkable journey, helping people, giving to anyone who needed it, just amazing. The last part of his journey would take him into the heart of where his oppression lived. People hated him, but why? Because they couldn’t hold a light to him; everything he did was full of integrity, he spoke amazing clarity and truth, full of honour and love, they hated it. 

The story goes, that whilst he was a way off from this place he was aiming for, he knew what was in front of him, all the hatred, anger and pain that was in this place, but he knew he had to go there so he set his face like flint. 

You see ultimately, this group that hated him had been planning to kill him, and he knew that going to this place would mean the start of the end, that they would eventually murder him. He set his face like flint. I understand this to mean, ‘I know what’s ahead, but let’s have it!’ The prize, the value and the purpose of going to this place was worth it, but it cost him everything! Now that’s focus.


Are you focused? Do you ever set your face like flint? What are the moments in your life where you’ve done that? 

Maybe you are faced with situations now that require you to dig in and set you heart and face towards a particular moment. Find someone to share your mindset with, where you’re at now and where you need to be to face what’s coming.

Reflect on these words from Proverbs 4:25 Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.