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The Stubborn 

Dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position


The Top Ten - buying a second-hand car

You don’t need to be stubborn when haggling on the price of a new car, just be well informed. 

10. Work out beforehand what your car needs/requirements are 

09. Research! Fuel costs, tax and insurance as setting the budget is essential 

08. Friendly but firm, don’t be afraid to walk away 

07. Pay for a good vehicle check to ensure its not stolen, HPI and mileage 

06. Check for oil leaks or signs of leaks under the engine 

05. Test drive, don’t feel rushed or pressured 

04. Listen for knocks and rubbing sounds 

03. Release the wheel gently to see if the car veers to a side 

02. Put a deposit on a credit card if possible – Google ‘Section 75 Refunds’ 

01. Remember vehicle tax doesn’t transfer with the car, you need to buy it!

(Just to say I take no responsibility for you buying an old banger after following this advice).

The Stubborn – what we’re talking about:

So, here is an interesting one, being stubborn. Stubbornness can pop up in our lives at lots of different moments and for loads of different reasons. Some of these are perhaps positive, like not giving up on a fitness goal and being stubborn about your training and diet. Are you stubborn? In what ways can you see stubbornness in your life? The Hulk is really stubborn, just can’t let it go! 

I think the wider and more frequent use of stubbornness is a negative character trait that we can see in our lives to varying degrees. The Hulk often got himself into a place where he just became entrenched. If his rage took over and the power and strength came in, the Hulk would go deep into stubbornness and not let go. 

What about you? What is it that triggers you to go deep, to dig down into that stubborn rut and sit there, camped in and not letting go? What is it that unlocks that? Is it that you need some sort of apology? A justice or redemption moment to get you out of it? It’s important we identity what this stuff is and why it grips our hearts so tight. 

A Pharaoh once ruled Egypt with a stubborn heart. He had a nation in slavery and was doing very nicely from their labour and his kingdom was expanding fast. However, these people had a saviour, a liberator that sent a man to send a message of freedom to the Pharaoh. Let’s just say the Pharaoh didn’t see the value in letting the people go so his heart turned, it drew into a deep place, a dark abyss that sent him over the edge. Ultimately his stubbornness cost him big time; human life, his own son, crops dead, land ravaged, and he lost the people and himself in the process. Uncrucified stubbornness can numb and blunt our lives guys, like a splinter gone poisonous and seeping into our blood, it needs routing out.  


What are some of the ways this stubborn heart has gripped you? Did it bring life into your heart or drain you of energy and peace? How did you set about dealing with it? Is there an area now, today that you know has you locked in a fight over being stubborn? Maybe start to talk about it, start to loosen its grip and share it with a mate.  

Reflect on these words from Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in m