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The Mavericks

An unorthodox or independent-minded person.


The Top Ten - aviation films

When someone says Maverick, you can’t help but think of Top Gun! Best aviation films of all time:

10. The Aviator (2004)

09. Pearl Harbour (2001) 

08. Memphis Belle (1990) 

07. Airforce One (1997) 

06. Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

05. Sully (2016) 

04. Airplane! (1980) 

03. Dambusters (1955) 

02. Black Hawk Down (2001) 

01. Top Gun (1986)

Anything missing?

The Mavericks - what we’re talking about:

Are you the type of guy who is a maverick? Unorthodox, nonconformist and you find yourself looking for the moments in life that help you to operate outside of your comfort zone? 

There was a man once called Peter, he had this sort of maverick DNA. If there was a boat to step out of to take him way beyond the comfort zone, then Peter would do it. On one occasion Peter could see a friend of his that he thought he had lost; a friend he was sure had died but suddenly, there walking on the beach was this mate Peter loved. Problem was, Peter was out at sea on a boat, he was a fisherman and had gone back to work. 

The maverick characteristic in Peter, the nonconformist, didn’t stop and weigh things up - he went for it, diving into the water and frantically swimming his way to the coastline. He made it too, had a breakfast with his friend. 

What does this look like for you? Are you someone who sees the unconventional path, or looks and leans towards the path less trodden? Maybe you don’t feel this or see it naturally but feel a longing to be able to. Maybe it’s as if there’s a veneer or behaviour moderator on you that makes your inner maverick feel like it’s hit a rev limiter in your life. 

Or maybe you once knew that path, the journey of the maverick, but life and some bumps on the way have put the safety barriers up and crippled the maverick in your life. If that’s you, hold the line. This book is a journey that will show us how we can unlock this stuff in our lives; at this point, let’s just keep identifying. Who am I?


What is the path less trodden for you? What paths have you taken that have been comfortable, easy and safe? What does a new route look like that might take you to the wire, to the edge of your comfort zone? Have you got comfortable playing nice? Is there a part of your life where you could ask God to help you push the boundaries and step off the main route and into the undergrowth?

Reflect on these words from Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.