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The Undignified

Appearing foolish and unseemly; lacking in dignity.


The Top Ten - dancefloor moves

Nothing more undignified than making a fool of yourself on the dancefloor. All men (especially dads) need at least a couple of these classic moves under their belt:

10. Anti gravity lean

09. Floss 

08. Robot 

07. Headspin 

06. Toestand 

05. Disco fever 

04. The worm 

03. Running man

02. Backflip 

01. Moonwalk

Or should you avoid dancing at all costs?

The Undignified – what we’re talking about:

As the character of Spiderman is played out in different films you see slight differences being presented. One of them is that Spiderman, in a later film, is more foolish and undignified at times. It’s not seen as a bad thing but rather as a glimpse at the real character, unvarnished, willing to be himself and even fail in the eyes of others to learn more about himself. 

There’s an account in history about a king who on one particular occasion was celebrating. He was celebrating because a special treasure was being led back into his home; the treasure represented the presence of his God so this was a big deal. As it was being led into the king’s home, he was dancing in front of the whole procession of people, revellers and people having a great time, and this king was really going for it. So much so that the linen clothing he was wearing started to open up a bit, possibly revealing a bit too much of the king beneath. 

In this moment the king didn’t care who was watching, he didn’t care what people thought of him or his reputation, he was dancing and utterly captivated by the scale of the moment. 

We can care so much about our reputations and how people will perceive us in life that it numbs and blunts who we really want to be. Have you felt that? In a particular moment or situation, you want to act in a way that is true to who you are but out of fear of ridicule, people’s opinions or rejection you moderate and tone down the real you? 

I think that a dose of being undignified now and then could be an interesting antidote to expectations on us, the stuff that doesn’t enable the real us to come the surface. What does this look like for you? 


What are you passionate about? What really drives you and how do you let that flow out? What does it look like for you to be undignified in the real stuff you are passionate about?  

Spend some time thinking over what it really is that makes you tick, then in another list in your head or on paper, what stops you from being this sort of man?

Reflect on these words from Galatians 1:10 For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God?