How Jesus Handled Crisis

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In some seasons of life it’s easy to feel stuck or to experience an increased, debilitating sense of restriction. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck at home, in our career, in our relationships, and even in our faith. When it feels like nothing in life is moving forward, we can know with confidence that God is always moving. How we view this season is everything! We’re not actually in a stuck season, but rather a very significant time and a pivotal moment in history. It is important to remember that what we do and what we say matters greatly; in times of crisis our actions and words carry even more weight. 

Our example of what to say and do comes from Jesus and from the Word of God. What is the purpose of reading and listening to the Word of God? The purpose is to put our faith into action. The first sermon in the Bible is recorded in Acts 2 and it is significant, because it not only spurred the early church into action, but it set a timeless example for the Church today and generations to follow. Our call is to go into all the world and represent God to humanity. 


  • Reflect on a sermon you’ve heard that caused you to put your faith into action. What was it about? What was the action you took?

  • What have you been reading in the Word of God that is causing you to take action in this specific time in our history?