The Bible talks about Justice.


Yesterday we saw how the life of Jesus demonstrated God’s heart for justice among the poor, captive, blind, and oppressed of our world. Today, let’s look at how all the themes of God’s image, sin, and justice culminate in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We already saw that Jesus is the perfect image of God. But even when we see the perfect image of God, humanity chooses to put the Son of God to death on a cross. The death of Jesus at the hands of people is the ultimate example of injustice and collective human sin.

Yet Jesus went willingly, and in the cross we find the perfect and complete expression of God’s retributive and restorative justice. We see God’s retributive justice fully satisfied as Jesus takes the punishment deserved for all of humanity’s sin on Himself. And we see the full weight of God’s restorative justice at work in the cross where every person can come to Jesus to find life. 

As the apostles later reflect on the cross and resurrection, they cannot say enough about it. The death of Jesus brought about reconciliation—not only between humanity and God, but among humanity itself. At the cross, we admit that we’re all broken and in need of God’s mercy. And in the resurrection, we find Jesus, victorious over death and empowering us to become new images of God who carry a message of reconciliation on our lips. 

Today, reflect on what the death and resurrection of Jesus accomplished, not only between humanity and God, but among one another as well.