The Bible talks about Justice.

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


Yesterday we saw that humanity is created in God’s image. This is a glorious honor, to physically and symbolically represent God on earth. Yet as we look at the world, we see something different. Instead of humans reflecting God, humanity tries to replace God.

Adam and Eve first replaced God by choosing to define good and evil on their own terms. The story is repeated when Cain murders his brother in his anger. Instead of ruling with God, humanity begins to rule over one another. 

As we continue walking through the first chapters of the Bible, we see rebellion and murder multiply. The Tower of Babel tells the story of humanity corporately coming together and committing sin by building a great tower and a name for themselves. 

Humanity’s sin continued to multiply, and eventually God’s people find themselves enslaved in Egypt. The sin of Egypt is ingrained in their culture. No one is the direct cause of slavery, yet through the ten plagues, God holds all of Egypt accountable. 

Israel isn’t off the hook, either. At multiple times in their story, God either holds the entire community responsible for one person’s sin, or He holds the entire community responsible for a collective sin.

Although God created us in His image, the Bible shows us that every person is guilty of placing themselves above others, and these individual sins can become embedded in our culture. The question becomes: How will God respond to our individual and collective sin? How will He cause us to be the images He created us to be? We’ll get a first glimpse in tomorrow’s reading. For now, read today’s passages and reflect on how humanity has individually and collectively failed to be God’s image on earth.