Overflow In The Hard Paths

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Living In The Overflow 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the situation around you, like it was more than you could handle? Have you experienced setback after setback and wondered what good could come of it? This bible plan hopes to bring fresh perspective and faith for the hard times and to prepare us for the blessings that are on the other side of the trials. The overflow is experienced when we are filled with God’s presence to the brim no matter what the circumstances are and stay ready for God to use as a channel for his blessing to others.

Picture a large fountain whose waters feed a man-made pond below it. Most ancient fountains operate on a premise that the source of water is at a higher level than a fountain. The greater the difference in the elevation of the source of the water and the fountain, the higher the water would go upwards. Similarly in our lives, for us to live in a steady state of overflow we need to be connected to the source that is higher than us. Christ is that source for us!

The New Living Translation of Psalm 65:11 says "You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.“

What a beautiful promise for our lives- that our Heavenly father would crown our year with a grand harvest and even in the hard, dry and difficult seasons he causes us to overflow with abundance. The truth is that this “overflowing with abundance” is a God-trait. That is who he is, no doubts about it. Which means that as Christians, with Christ in our hearts and lives we too are capable of exhibiting this trait. The Overflow represents the state in which our life is so filled with God, that others begin to experience that blessedness. We will have a peace and joy which is unexplainable yet life changing for others. The overflow is not found at the destination instead it is experienced throughout the journey. It’s not being fixated on results such as an increase in wealth or influence but it is an everyday, intentional inclusion of Christ in our lives. The overflow enables us to live abundantly even in the less than ideal situations of our life where hope and purpose feel diluted and less obvious. It is an abundance in our hearts where we can still demonstrate love and mercy to those we meet.

You have probably figured out by now that the Christian life is one of  incredible blessing while also being one of intense battles. Have you felt that while you had many blessings, your battles were more? Like you were a victim of your circumstances, like nothing good could come out of some situations, like everything was working against you? Maybe you experienced backlash from close friends or even your own family let you down? 

Have you wondered how you could ever operate with an overflow in the midst of these circumstances? 

The life of Joseph in the book of Genesis will give you direction and hope. 

He was rejected by his siblings, sold into slavery, abandoned, mistreated, falsely accused and forgotten. How do you get past that? How do you still see the silver lining in a cloud so huge it obliterates the sunshine? Joseph did more than just get past it or find the silver lining to the cloud. Only a life filled to overflowing with God can find hope in a pit, courage in adversity, purpose in suffering and strength in the wait.

Are you ready to live this kind of life ? Are you ready to live in the overflow?