Team Jesus

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The Team: Disciples 


Anyone who loves a fellow believer is living in the light and does not cause others to stumble.” – 1 John 2:10


The team: disciples—men handpicked by Jesus to live with and closely observe His actions and teaching and take an entire new way of living out into the world. 

Who were these individuals who came together as one team for the sake of their Savior? They were rowdy fishermen, distrustful tax collectors, doubters and brothers. They were rough around the edges and spoke without thinking. They didn’t stand out in a crowd, and they didn’t impress with eloquence. So, what made them special to Jesus? What was He looking for in disciples that He found in these guys?

They were faithful. 

They (except for Judas) stuck with Jesus through extreme conditions, hunger, miles of travel, persecution and unconventional thinking. By paying close attention to the teaching and life of Jesus, these men saw something in their leader that was worth following. 

They were available.

When Jesus called out to them and said to come and follow Him, that’s exactly what they did. Dropping nets, coins and jobs, they set their hearts on pilgrimage to journey with Jesus immediately. They spent the next three and a half years not only sitting at the feet of Jesus, but also walking with him from town to town, breaking bread together, laughing, crying and transforming lives. 

They were teachable.

Wide-eyed and full of questions, the disciples were curious and open to the new teaching of Jesus. They were eager to learn and were passionate about telling others about what they witnessed. While on occasion they may have had a distorted view of things, like arguing about who was the greatest (Mark 9) or being unable to cast out certain demons (Matthew 17), when Jesus spoke, they listened and learned.

Jesus called, and then He equipped. The disciples smoothed their rough edges as Jesus showed them how to pray, interpret the Scriptures and live together in unity. From this motley team of misfits, He made a strong and powerful unit. And Jesus is still forming teams to take His Gospel out to everyone who needs to hear. God is looking for those whose hearts are open to Him, who are willing to rearrange their patterns of thinking and living and follow Him wholeheartedly in trust. Will you be faithful, available and teachable for Him?


1. Which of the three attributes above do you want to develop more? 

2. What do you think it was about Jesus that intrigued the disciples to follow Him?

3. What does the Bible say about following Jesus?


Mark 3:13-14; John 20:8; 1 Timothy 1:12


It’s amazing how You can take the most unlovable people and shape their hearts with Your love. You are patient and intentional, and You seek me out to be part of Your team. Help my heart to be open and teachable, to be faithful to what You place in front of me, and to be available for what You want to do in my life each day. Amen.