Team Jesus

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The Coach: Jesus 


“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”  – 2 Corinthians 5:17


The coach: Jesus—a hammer-wielding carpenter from Nazareth who set out on a journey to pull together a motley team He led that would transform the world’s way of thought and belief. He knew His game plan and stuck to it.

When it came to team assembly, how did He approach His recruitment? What character qualities did He seek? We must first look at characteristics of Jesus and better understand who He was as He constructed His world-changing team. 

Jesus was: 


In every instance of calling His disciples, Jesus was the pursuer. He either went to them, or created such an intrigue that drew others in. When He spoke, He spoke right to the person and went deeper into the heart of things. And He was direct with speech, creating the new messaging of an upside-down Kingdom while sticking to the fixed mark of keeping with His Father’s will.  


Everyone noticed Him: the sick and suffering, the learned and religious, women, men and children. It didn’t matter the societal structures; Jesus embraced every person He met. He was warm and inviting, approachable; He had an air about Him that drew others in. Jesus used invitation to welcome those who never quite fit in or saw themselves with confidence, because He saw into their hearts and knew who they could become.


Jesus knew the Scriptures inside and out, and used it to not just quote, but fulfill the law. His ministry grew and challenged the current ways of religion, and from this position of leadership, Jesus searched for the right group of men to walk alongside Him with this new narrative. No doubt the disciples had heard of this Teacher before meeting Him and were curious enough by His countenance to choose to be on His team.

Jesus strategically started a team that no one thought would come together, led them with an approach filled with authority and sincerity, and through unconditional love, transformed a group of individuals into one cohesive unit.


1. Which of the three characteristics above most intrigues you about Jesus? Why?  

2. How do you think Jesus was so effective with the way He led His disciples? 

3. What intentional, inviting or influential in eternal matters do you need to focus on today?


Isaiah 61:1; Matthew 4:19; Mark 10:32


Lord, thank You that You willingly came to Earth to walk among us, fulfill the law, and save us from our sins. Thank You that You want me on Your team, and that You have good plans when I put my all into serving You. Help me to see where You lead and follow. Amen.