Be Yourself

“Don’t be a clone, you were made too unique.”

God created us all with our own unique gifts and skill sets, yet often we find ourselves settling due to fear. Fear of failure, fear of what others will think, or even the fear in the realm of insecurity with thoughts such as, “who am I to dream something this big?”

When we finally take a moment to step back, pause, and really reflect on who God has called us to be it leaves us with a decision to make. Am I ready to let go of the firm grasp I have on my life to ultimately follow the path God has given me? Am I willing to trust that He wants the best for me and is my provider? Am I willing to believe and have faith?

Often the fear to step out can feel like a personal problem. We feel like we’ll make the world better by not rocking the boat. However, when we look at scriptures such as the parable of the talents, we begin to see that the failure to act is scolded when the master returns (even when the failure to act was rooted in not wanting to mess anything up). How many times have you failed to act because you didn’t want to step on any toes?

The decision to be who God has called us to be requires us to have faith and take action. It may be scary at first. However, we can have peace knowing that when we seek God, He will not fail us. 

Prayer: God, help me to trust you and take action upon who you’re calling me to be. 

Action: Write down one action you could take this week to make progress toward being who God has called you to be.