God Said

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But what if I get lost trying to find my purpose?

What if I search and find that I don’t have one at all?

Listen to what God said in Jeremiah 29:11.

God specifically states that He has made plans for us that will lead to prosperity, not harm.

He didn’t just mean me.

He didn’t just mean you.

He meant all of us.

Every single person has a destiny, a plan, a direction, and a purpose for their life.

A life without purpose is a ship without a compass. You ride the waves, and are content with washing up on any shore. You’re not worried about thriving, you’re focused on just surviving.

But God doesn’t want us to just survive! He doesn’t want us to just get by, he wants prosperity for our lives! His plans aren’t just good. They aren’t just okay. They are prosperous.

Prosperous bringing wealth and success.

If you have your purpose, then you have your compass. That’s where you need to go!

Following your purpose isn’t always easy, but just because you have a compass doesn’t mean that you won’t experience storms and waves. You have to use your purpose to guide your way through the rough waters, so you can land where you are destined to land!

If you’re living a life that isn’t fulfilling, then you are wasting your time. You have to find the purpose that was created just for you. You have to find the area in which you will flourish. Change that feeling of fulfillment. Pursue your own happiness. Know above all else that you were created with a plan in place.

For some, this might mean finding a job that you enjoy better. It may mean moving to chase that dream that has been living in the back of your mind for years. It may mean doing something that is scary, that you aren’t sure if you’ll be successful in.

To reach your purpose, you will be required to stretch. You will be required to do something that you’ve never done, in order to get something that you’ve never had:

Fulfillment. Purpose. Prosperity.