God Said

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What makes someone who they are?

Is it their demeanor?

Is it their job?

Is it their reputation?

When you think about the people within your life, the way you see them, the way others see them, and even the way they see themselves has a filter on it. When you yourself look at a mirror, what you see is not what is. It’s distorted. It is a tunnel-vision view of yourself. It’s a filter.

Filter a function used to alter the overall appearance of an image in a specific manner.

Who does God say you are?

In Genesis 1:27 it states that God created mankind in his own image.

And this is the TRUE image. The image in which God created you in. His image.

It isn’t a doctored picture. It wasn’t photoshopped, and there are no filters on it.

It’s here.

It’s current.

And it’s real.

You aren’t your setbacks and shortcomings. You aren’t your issues, your flaws, or your imperfections. You aren’t the mistakes you’ve made, you are who God says you are.

You are above, not beneath.

You are the head, not the tail.

You were made for a purpose, not by accident.

I believe that each and every person on Earth has a direct purpose that has been instilled in them since before they were created. I also believe that a small percentage of people actually learn what that purpose is, and even fewer actively carry out that purpose.


We all have the same twenty-four hours. We have just enough time to do what we were put here to do, so why not work towards it now? Why wait?

The best time to start this journey to your own destiny was yesterday. The second best time? Today.

So start today. Start following the path that was carved out for you today. Find out who you are, not in everyone else’s eyes, but in the eyes of the Lord.

THAT is the real you. THAT is the you that will do great things.

And that is the you that will reach the potential that you are supposed to reach.